For chrispy crunchy chocolate chip cookie lovers everywhere, these bite size cookies crunch satisfyingly and crumble when you bite them, then melt in your mouth. They’re smaller than many other “premium” chocolate chip cookies so you can enjoy several with coffee, ice cream, for snacking, or in lunch boxes. These premium cookies chocolate chip cookies are bite-size, gourmet, and delectable!

CC’s Gourmet Cookies are handmade with love in Colorado, our mission is simple - the reason we make cookies is because, our cookies make people happy, and this makes us happy in return. For our cookies we use only the best natural ingredients, and of course we’d never add preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. We believe these are the best cookies you will find anywhere!

A special thank you to my sons, Patrick & Brett, without your love and support CC’s Gourmet Cookies would not be possible. And to my dear friend Jill, thank you for all of your help with the logo design & packaging.
Most of all we’d like to thank our cookie fans, we love you!
- CC

CC's Gourmet Cookies and Milk